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The term ‘climate justice’ – not to be confused with ‘climate change’ is the reframing of climate change as not solely a scientific, environmental issue but, rather viewing it through the lens of human rights and social justice.

The social and environmental consequences of climate change will not be felt by today’s decision makers or the heads of big business, but by future generations who will have to live with these consequences, and by local and indigenous communities across the globe who are being impacted by the unjust effects of global warming and climate chaos.

 Another challenge associated with climate policies is how to support communities whose livelihood relies on climate-damaging industries such as fossil fuel extraction or certain types of farming – including in developed countries such as Ireland. The concept of Just Transitions looks at how to help those communities move into new areas of industry or business to support themselves so that they aren’t left behind as we move forward into more sustainable ways of living.


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The Our Fair Planet programme has been developed as part of the Youth Climate Justice Fund, administered by the Dept. of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.