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Our Actions for Climate Justice
The Environmental group in Louth has looked at sustainable development and environmental awareness. Discussions between young people and youth workers took place to identify a social action project and find the gaps in what is working and what is not. The group then agreed to look at food waste and ways to recycle. They also took part in a garden revamp and annual street clean ups.

As part of a Social Action Programme the Southside CYP younger girls group took part in a mini business project which involved them identifying a local charity to partner with. They raised awareness within their community of the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre by selling sunflowers.


Young people’s thoughts

I never realised how much climate change is connected to human rights Sade I think twice now about buying clothes like do I really need them? Erin Was shocked about the clothes industry and how much it effects the environment like the amount of water it takes to make...

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The Our Fair Planet programme has been developed as part of the Youth Climate Justice Fund, administered by the Dept. of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.