“The program was an interesting experience. I learned a lot and was really motivated to try and change what I do that affects the environment.” -Pau

“I found the program educational and fun. I definitely learned more about Climate Justice. I felt that it was rushed though, 3 weeks was not enough and it would be better if it was spread out over more time.” -Etse

“It was interesting to learn about how much we dispose of and how much fast fashion impacts the environment. If we concentrated more in repairing and upcycling things, the environment wouldn’t be as affected by our fashion decisions.” -Beth

“More focus should be put on a persons right to repair items, especially in relations to our smartphones. Rather than upgrading every year or two to a new device, we should concentrate on repairing the things we already own.” -Max

“I found the course really informative and I think it’s really important that we did this.” -Kayleigh