As a group we wanted to implement something that would have an ongoing impact on our community. After brainstorming, we came up with two ideas. The first was introducing a competition that could be run in schools, that would encourage and educate other young people about Climate Justice. We decided that this would not be possible because of current Covid-19 restrictions, as we weren’t certain that schools would  be open.

After this, we decided to look at areas around the city that are frequented by young people and what recycling/refuse facilities are available there. W identified two areas; a local Eco Park and outside a sports ground. These areas are used often and have little to no ways of disposing of rubbish. We got in contact with the Environmental Awareness Officer with our local City and County Council to help us figure out how we could change this. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to sponsor a new bin for the Eco park because the park has to be closed for refuse to be collected along the walkway and this would not be possible. Also there was a history of anti-social behaviour with pervious bins being set on fire in this area. To make sure that our project would be safe and accessible  we coordinated with the council to identify where we could sponsor a bin that was wanted by the local community, safe and easy to maintain to ensure it was an ongoing resource.

We are currently working with the manufacturers who supply Waterford with large plastic refuse bins and will soon have our bin placed outside our local sports arena.

It will be a bin like this that we are sponsoring. One of the largest cause of litter in the area we identified is plastic bottles and cans.