EYE and YoYo

Midlands Youth Projects in Mullingar

Our Actions for Climate Justice
Last year young people from the EYE and YoYo projects in Mullingar developed a vegetable and herb garden area on raised beds using natural and organic methods to develop the soil and the plants. The young people guided by landscaper and environmentalist Isolde, participated in experiential learning to grow plants in a sustainable way that in turn were used in our YoYo Youth Café – thus reducing the carbon footprint of our food purchasing and giving young people the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge and experience of sustainable growth.

EYE and YoYo also hosted a Music Jam where they reclaimed discarded materials and under the guidance of musician, sound engineer and environmentalist volunteer Frankie Byrne, built a junk orchestra. Together they gathered old pipes, cans, wood and other materials that had been dumped and made many musical instruments – they then learned to play them and performed at the annual family fun day.


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The Our Fair Planet programme has been developed as part of the Youth Climate Justice Fund, administered by the Dept. of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.