Young Decision Makers

CDYS Youth Work Ireland

Our Actions for Climate Justice
Young Decision Makers, a group from CDYS Youth Work Ireland have participated in both the tidy towns initiatives and a youth exchange project focusing on human impacts on the environment

In October 2019 30 young people and youth workers from CDYS youth centres in Mallow, Midleton & Fermoy traveled to Finland to meet up with 12 young people from Finland to research and discuss how to combat climate change. Before going to Finland each CDYS youth centre were given a topic relating to climate change in which they had to research.

Once arrived in Finland the group started working together to contribute to the workshops on Climate change. The group not only learned a lot about climate change they learned a lot about themselves too! We socialised and worked together with people who we had never met before and in turn have made lifelong friends.


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The Our Fair Planet programme has been developed as part of the Youth Climate Justice Fund, administered by the Dept. of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth