The Vault Green Team

Carlow Regional Youth Service

Our Actions for Climate Justice

This group picks a number of ‘green’ projects throughout the year. The last one focussed on a cigarette survey in Carlow Town Centre, and public bins for the butts. The group also worked on building coffee tables from reclaimed glass and eco bricks.

Last year in response to a build up of rubbish in the river next to their premises the young people met with the Environmental Officer in Carlow County Council and then took a lead in cleaning up areas around the river.

This project was a finalist in the ECO UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards 2020 in the Water Category.

Another project involved collecting waste that was floating down the river in town in order to gather hard data on the types of waste products in the river and to raise awareness on this subject. The group then made an art piece from some of the rubbish collected.


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The Our Fair Planet programme has been developed as part of the Youth Climate Justice Fund, administered by the Dept. of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth